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Festivals and Covid: A risk worth taking?

  • August 28, 2021
    Festivals and Covid: A risk worth taking?

    Grabbing the backpack, checking the camping gear and singing your heart out in a field - it's the stuff of dreams for any festivalgoer.

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    For the hundreds of thousands of people at a festival this weekend though, there's one other thing to think about: Covid.

    Boardmasters and Latitude both happened earlier in the summer and each has been potentially linked to thousands of cases of the virus.

    So what's it like going to an event where you know you might catch Covid?

    'Covid breeding ground'
    Jay Luffer is camping at a festival for the first time.

    Before he set off for Reading Festival on Thursday, he admitted to Newsbeat that he's a bit nervous about how unhygienic festivals can be.

    "I've heard bad things about the toilets and showers, so that feels like it's going to be a Covid breeding ground," the 17-year-old from Swindon said.

    "I think [catching the virus] is inevitable . A lot of people who bought tickets probably expected it anyway."

    Jay's really making the most of the events going on this weekend.

    He went from Reading to All Points East on Friday, before heading back to Reading for Saturday and Sunday.