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Black Hawks and Humvees - Military uniform now with the Taliban.

  • August 29, 2021

    A video recently posted on social media shows the สล็อต 168 Taliban fighter jet seen as an iconic piece of material. A US (military hardware) - Black Hawk helicopter - was driven past Kandahar Airport A four-bladed utility plane has just sailed on the asphalt. But the drills sent a message across the world: The Taliban are no longer a group of ragtag soldiers carrying Kalashnikov

    assault rifles on a battered pickup truck.Elsewhere, from the fall of Kabul on August 15 to hardline Islamists. Taliban fighters were pictured showing US-made weapons and vehicles Some have been seen in full combat gear in social media posts. and cannot be distinguished from other special forces from around the world No long beards or traditional

    salwar kameez outfits and absolutely no rusty weapons. They look at that part They seized these weapons after troops from the Afghan National Defense and Security Forces (Ands) surrendered one city after another.Some on social media said this made the Taliban the only extremist group with the Air Force.

    How many planes does the Taliban have?

    The Afghan Air Force was operating with 167 aircraft, including attack helicopters and aircraft, at the end of June. According to the U.S.-based Inspector General for Afghan Reconstruction (Sigar),But it is unclear how many of the 167 Taliban's 167 people were actually captured. Satellite imagery of Kandahar Airport, provided to the BBC by Planet Labs,

    shows a series of Afghan military planes parked on the tarmac.Images from six days after the city was occupied by the Taliban show five planes - at least two MI-17 helicopters, two Black Hawk (UH-60) and a third, possibly UH-60. According to Angad Singh, a military aviation expert at the Observer Research Foundation in Delhi.