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How will CO2 monitors help schools combat Covid?

  • September 2, 2021
    How will CO2 monitors help schools combat Covid?

    As we have been reporting, pupils in England, Wales and Northern Ireland have been returning to schools today.

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    The UK government has pledged about 300,000 CO2 monitors to schools in England this term to help detect poor ventilation.

    Covid is a respiratory virus, so it is expelled into the air when people breathe and talk.

    This allows very small particles carrying the virus to spread around a room, where they can last a couple of hours.

    Ventilation cuts the risk of catching the virus by reducing the level of particles in the air that someone is exposed to.

    While CO2 monitors do not affect transmission risk in schools, they can help to indicate how well ventilated a classroom is.

    We breathe out a higher concentration of carbon dioxide than is present in the atmosphere, so the monitors help to detect how much of the surrounding air has been breathed out, and how much is fresh air from outside.

    Catherine Noakes, professor of environmental engineering for buildings at the University of Leeds, and a specialist in airborne infections, says ventilation could reduce airborne risk of coronavirus by up to 70%, although it won’t stop close contact transmission.

    “In a classroom, ventilation won’t have much effect on transmission from the person sat next to you, but it will from the person other side of the room,” she says.

    “The monitors will help schools to realise which areas are better or poorly ventilated. In some classrooms they will be able to open windows, while others may need different solutions such as putting air cleaners in that room.”
  • September 4, 2021
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