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Xbox 20th anniversary: 'Will we have TVs in 20 years time?'

  • November 16, 2021
    Xbox 20th anniversary: 'Will we have TVs in 20 years time?'

    On this day 20 years ago gamers first got their hands on a big black box with a heart of green that was designed like the letter X.

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    The original Xbox, coupled with its chunky controller (nicknamed The Duke) burst onto the scene to compete with Sony and Nintendo.

    The console was home to games like Halo: Combat Evolved and Forza Motorsport and wanted to show that Microsoft could make an impact on the gaming world.

    Since that original release, the Xbox console family has done just that - establishing itself as a major player in an industry that's worth an estimated £150bn a year globally.

    The red rings of death
    It hasn't always been a smooth ride to become one of the three major console makers in the world.

    Speaking to BBC Sounds Podcast Press X to Continue - current Xbox boss Phil Spencer laughs: "I mean, you think about our history, we've had our moments, right!"

    From "the red rings of death" that plagued owners of the popular Xbox 360 to "the misgivings that had to be made right after the launch of the Xbox One" - Phil says they've had plenty of issues to work though.

    But those bumpy times have played a big part in the company reaching this milestone. "No doubt those experiences helped us, I think we learned from everything," he says.

    "Sometimes when a big success happens, it's hard to sleuth out why. I think it's a little easier to figure out where some of the missteps were - when something doesn't go exactly to plan.

    "I feel great about about where we are now."

    Today Xbox Live - the online service for playable versions of the console is reported to have more than 90 million monthly users worldwide.

    The next 20 years
    Looking ahead to the next 20 years, to try stay relevant with gamers across the world, Phil says diversity is key: "It is fundamental to the journey that we're on.

    "I truly believe that we ship our culture as much as we ship our technology with every product or game that we put out. The culture of the team and their lived experiences show up in the products we build.

    "As a privileged, older, white male in the tech industry, I am not the anomaly. I realise there's a lot of privilege that got me into this position over the years.

    "When we think about the role that we want to play in the world, our products and our services we have to reflect inwardly on our team - there's no doubt about that."
  • November 16, 2021
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