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  • Posted On: Nov 08, 2021
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  • Description: Gone are the days when you never had to face huge traffic on your way to the destination of your choice. With changing times, increasing traffic is always a concern. The growing traffic has also contributed to environmental pollution. Talking about traffic apart from other vehicles you can see a lot of cars on the road. When more and more people are concerned about protecting the environment, initiatives are taken to save the environment. For example, people are trying to reduce their share of carbon footprints by cycling down or walking down to the nearest places. Now more and more people have shifted to carpooling to save fuel, cut down traffic on the road, and prevent pollution. Thanks to ride-sharing cab booking apps that help people share their rides with others to commute to different places. So let us understand about such rides and why ride-sharing cabs are growing? What Is The Ride-Sharing Concept All About? The idea is pretty simple. It is all about booking ride-share taxis or cabs by multiple people. It is similar to booking a cab through a mobile app but it is a shared ride and not a private one. The concept has encouraged businesses to move to ride-sharing app development to help people travel to the desired location at an affordable price. With the help of mobile phones and modern GPS technologies, ride-sharing apps can function flawlessly. How To Use Ride-Sharing Cab Booking Apps? It is very simple to use ride sharing app development cost. With a few taps on your Smartphone, you can share the ride to your desired location. You need to sign in to the app, feed-in basic information, mark the specific pickup & drop location. Similar to normal cabs, you will see the nearest available drivers on the app. You can also view the time of drop and pickup. So, let us discuss the 7 best ride-sharing app development company which are reliable and affordable to commute List Of 7 Best Ride-Sharing Booking Apps For Comfortable Commuting 1. Uber uber-like app development cost reid-sharing cab booking apps you must have heard of. Uber operates in different countries across the world and it is popular due to its amazing features and service for drivers and riders. Let us have a look at them. For Drivers Special seating for hearing-impaired drivers Drivers are allowed to specify the reason for the cancellation of a ride The rider can give a bonus to the driver Driver performance can be evaluated through a rating system For Riders The ride can be scheduled in advance before the exact ride time Can pay for the ride until the user book his/her next ride People with service animals can also book a ride. Can add several drop-off points 2. Via It is on the list of best ride-sharing mobile apps. Via is the best way of traveling to reduce pollution. Let us have a look at the features that make it one of the best ride-sharing-apps For Driver Drivers can avail of the facility - “Rent a car” Can earn $400 for signing up Via reduced down the service fee 10% Allows drivers to drive whenever it is feasible for them For Rider Rider Faster commute through Corner-to-corner pickups Get free credits on a ride by referring friends Amazing affordability Live customer support is available 3. LYFT Lyft is a popular ride-sharing app and is the perfect option for those who commute daily. It is quite affordable than other ride-sharing services. Let us have a look at the features offered For Driver Can mark the existing ride as the last ride for a particular day Increased earnings through Primetime pricing leads An individual app available for Lyft Driver Can earn tips from the riders For Rider When it is dark locate your driver easily through - “Lyft Amp” The option - “One tap to ride” is available for quick pickups and requests. The option - Shared-saver rides available for discounts and short waiting time To ensure safety drivers have to undergo background checks 4. BlaBla Car Well, BlaBla Car comes with a different business model. The app allows private vehicle owners to list their vehicles along with other details like pickup and drop-off information. In case passengers want to book a ride they can request the ride and also share the cost. For Drivers Drivers are allowed to choose their rides Can post a drive within seconds Flexible rating scale available for drivers like quiet ones, chatty drivers, etc Can save on fuel as no need to commute alone For Rider Liberty to search for drivers from nearby locations Book the ride that seems to be safe and affordable If available can book last-minute seats Option for female drivers can commute with females only 5. Bridj This is a completely new on-demand ride-sharing app that hires transport buses for travel For Driver BIRDJ team offers training for drivers Turn-by-turn navigation makes routing easy Passenger bookings can be tracked via Tablet Dedicated app available for drivers For Rider Offers walking directions to various pick-up spots Can make payments using credit cards Free USB charging and Wi-Fi facilities are available Physically challenged people can get special access 6. GoKid It is one of the best ride-sharing apps for parents who take turns to pick and drop their kids at specific locations. This platform connects parents with different families they are familiar with to reduce the risk of mishaps. For Driver Best possible route provision for pick and drop-offs Trip updates available via In-app messaging Facility to invite friends listed on your contact list Provides the option to choose the preferred time to drive For Rider Offer an enjoyable trip for your kids Real-time tracking for parents to track the trip Can take rest on hectic days 7. Hitch Hitch provides excellent ride-sharing services for drivers and riders traveling to the same place or ridesharing. For Driver-Oriented Can post the trip schedule before the trip Can provide coffee breaks during the travel Can earn approx $120 /round trip Convenient pick-ups and drop-offs For Rider Ability to book a ride 1 hour before the ride Book economical ride as compared to buses The middle seat is not matched Provides four-seater sedans for a comfortable journey Conclusion When the ridesharing business is on the rise and cost-effective, you may think of starting your on-demand taxi/cab ride-sharing business with a white label taxi booking app to have the best of features and provisions for drivers and riders. If you are thinking about having an Uber-like app then connect with X-Byte Enterprise Solutionsto invest in a reliable rideshare and carpooling app development company. We help you integrate advanced features to help you enjoy success. Connect with us to know the Uber-like app development cost to get the kickstart for your on-demand taxi booking business. 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