How to know which firms are ISO 27001 certified Organesh

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  • Posted On: Mar 11, 2020
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  • Description: Most of the ISO 27001 Certification in Bangalore certified companies are advertise their websites, products and their service documentation. This information is not enough, so You need to verify a few important factors of this certification, for this process the first step is to request this certification from the vendor. Important information on the certificate Every certification has its own body functions, layout and format of their issued certificates, but there are a couple of different key of information on every certificate. Some of the essential information on the certificate 1. The ISO standard in extent and ISO 27001 in container 2. Date expiration 3. Certified company name and address 4. Certification body 5. Registration number 6. Check and logs finally SOA Usage and relevance 1. The first point is that the filename should contains ISO 27001 Certification in Chandigarh although this content is for a different ISO scheme. 2. The date expiration or valid dates shows that how long the certification is valid. If the date is expired, it clearly raises a edge and should be verified before to invest time in your verification process. 3. The company name and address are a key point to verify. Certification is the location-specific and it does not apply to other locations of the vendor when certificate can be relocate by the vendor, it is not valid for the new location. And do the verification of the products and services of the company during manufacturing and delivering . 4. Every certificate contains the trust on the ISMS and verify if the documented scope which services or products delivered by the vendor are within the scope of the ISMS. 5. Now you verified the certification and ISM within the expectations. On the website you can find the online tool or a list with all issued certificates. 6. Now we can use the certificate number to search using the tool or website of the certification body. 7. After you verified the certificate that was issued by the certification body, and still it was active, then you should check if the certification body is accredited an accreditation body. 8. After verifying the certificate is issued by an accredited certification body you might have reconsidered your list of vendors already. And how they are implemented. At this stage you will be able to fully certain if the vendor is aline with your requirements. Accredited certification body The International Accreditation Forum maintains a list of all international accreditation bodies.In IAF Member List you can select the applicable country to then see a list of all accreditation bodies.The accreditation body listed on the certificate should be listed. Vetting your vendor helps you maintain your own certification Performing your due diligence in your vendor will help you to in understanding your vendor’s security and its aligin with your security management system. This will help you pass or maintain your own ISO 27001 Certification in Visakhapatnam. How to get ISO certification : Certvalue is a global leader in consulting, training certification and audit services providing ISO services for international standards with total focus in customer satisfaction. You can easily reach certvalue by simply visiting the