Characteristics Of Flannel Jacquard Two-Tone Fabric Organesh

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  • Posted On: Jan 07, 2021
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  • Description: For clothing and home textile products, their production cannot be separated from fabrics, and the quality of fabrics can largely determine the popularity of the products. Some fabrics have a layer of plush on the surface, which feels very soft and comfortable. There are many kinds of these fabrics, but the representative one is flannel fabric, flannel jacquard two-tone fabric is a very typical fabric representative. Flannel has a wide range of uses. In addition to making clothes, it can also be used to make quilts or other cloth decorations and household products. There are many colors and very beautiful. Su Jing is generous and can't afford the ball, and feels particularly comfortable to the touch, so she is widely favored by people. Flannel is blended with wool and is one of the current clothing materials. The suede is covered with a layer of plump, fine and clean fluff. It has been carefully supervised from material selection to workmanship. It has the characteristics of various fluff materials, which are warm, breathable, skin-friendly, non-balling, and non-fading. It is very good for those who have already read in making autumn and winter. It is also very convenient to take care of, which is simply a boon for lazy people. In addition to clothing, flannel can also be used to make blankets, and flannel fleece blanket is one of them.
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