ESO CRrown Crates Guide: How to Get Crown Gems

  • If you’re a cheaposaurus like me and want to buy some of the premium goodies in the Crown Store without spending real money, then here are a few tips for you.Some of the best stuff in ESO can only be bought using crown gems. These are really hard to come by. ESO Crown Crates are received in the event you receive a mount, pet, costume or personality that you already own when opening a Crown Crate. However, there are a couple of easy ways to obtain crown gems for free.

    What Are Crown Gems?

    Crowns are the premium currency used in ESO. You can buy crowns using real money. Crown Gems are like an extra-premium currency that are really hard to come across. And you can’t buy them, at least not directly.

    Crown Gems are only awarded to you when opening Crown Crates. That’s only if the crate gives you an item that you already have. Then that item will be converted into its value in crown gems.

    As you can imagine, that’s a really tough way to earn crown gems.

    Sadly, some of the coolest cosmetics in the crown store can only be bought with it.

    Luckily I found a couple of ways to earn crown gems for free.

    How to get ESO Crowns?

    Become an ESO Plus member

    If you are an ESO Plus member, you receive 1650 crowns for every 30-day membership on PC/Mac accounts or one-month membership on console accounts. If you are on PC / Mac, you can sign up for ESO Plus membership by signing into your account and clicking Manage Membership. If you have a Steam version of The Elder Scrolls Online, you can also purchase ESO Plus membership from the Steam Store. If you are on console, you can purchase ESO Plus membership via the Xbox Game Store or PlayStation Store.

    Crown Packs

    Crown packs can be purchased from the official ESO account store for PC/Mac, the Xbox Live Store for Xbox One, and Playstation Store for PS4, all with real-world money. Prices vary by currency and the amount of crowns in the pack.

    New Players

    As a new player: New players will be given a one-time gift of 500 crowns for buying the game and creating a game account.

    Returning Player

    As a returning player: If you've previously played The Elder Scrolls Online, but are no longer a subscriber, you'll receive 500 crowns when you log in for having a game account, plus 100 crowns for each 30-day period you were a subscriber.

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