Quality Evaluation Of Open Rotary Screen Printer

  • What determines the quality of open rotary screen printer and cotton filling machine? Let's discuss the open rotary screen printer together. The principle of the open rotary screen printer is similar to that of a popping machine. It breaks up the cotton and makes the cotton become bulky from the state of blossoming. It’s just that the internal principle of the open rotary screen printer is very different from that of the embossing machine. The open rotary screen printer relies on the roller comb to pick out the cotton fibers under the centrifugal action, so there are still many differences in principle. .
    What determines the quality of open rotary screen printer? The appearance is invisible, mainly because the comb teeth and motor of the open rotary screen printer are good or bad. The quality of the comb teeth determines the opening efficiency and the length of the cotton fiber after the final bulk. In addition, the reasonable layout of the comb teeth has a great influence on the cotton opening and cleaning effect. Generally, the design of open rotary screen printer requires hundreds of experiments to determine the most reasonable direction of the comb teeth.

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