Introduction Of Stenter Heating Process


    Stenter's heating method and heating medium will cause the equipment's energy efficiency to be different, and the process and processing conditions will change. These factors will lead to differences in the economic benefits of enterprises. Today we will learn about the related processes of the heating setting machine in order to better use the equipment.

    It is feasible for the setting machine to use gas as the heating medium for heating and setting, which can basically meet the various needs of production and development, because the price of liquefied gas or natural gas is high and unstable. From an economic point of view, the space for using a gas heat setting machine is limited. Because the gas is burned in the heating setting machine, the exhaust gas temperature generated is higher, and attention should be paid to the waste heat recovery of the setting machine.


    The Flat Screen Printer exhaust contains a lot of fiber and oil, which can easily adhere to the surface of the heat pipe during the heat exchange process, which will seriously affect the heat transfer. If it is not cleaned up, it will cause the blockage of the flue gas. Make the antipyretic setting machine not work properly. When the oil heat pipe equipment is faulty or blocked, it should be replaced and cleaned in time to ensure the effect of heat. The waste heat recovery equipment of the setting machine and prolong the service life of the heating setting machine.