What sales and marketing skills do you need to learn today?

  • A successful person summarized the "sales method" in manyJIANG Yuwei years of sales practice, and the country has entered the market of universal marketing in the current market. Many people with professional marketing skills can easily achieve very high performance and quickly stand out in the market's fierce competition. Now that the sales method has been shared with everyone, we hope to achieve even better results.

    Even with good salesmanship, a salesperson who lacks a success mindset will fail. A salesman is a match, and the customer is a candle. How can you illuminate others if you don't first ignite yourself? How can a person who lacks passion in his speech and mannerisms infect a stranger? If you do not have the desire to succeed, please give up every day and "fail" to deal with the sales job! Because you were born to be "unbearable" and bend.

    Passionate sales rookies must follow the "three insistence" rule: insist on 100 days. "Sales, from rejection," said the world's greatest salesman, Goldman. Setbacks should also not discourage you. You must do your absolute best to complete 100 days before saying "do it or not."

    Follow the "four no concessions" rule. According to one source, the Japanese will say "no" twice in 30 minutes; Americans will say "no" five times; South Koreans will say "no" seven times; and Brazilians will say "no" 42 times. As a result, after hearing the customer say "no" once, the salesperson should not abandon the attack. At least four times to hear the "no," and then make a small concession.

    Stick to the l / 30 rule. The general belief in the sales community is that for every 30 customers visited by a salesperson, only one person will deal. It's no surprise that the original Ippei, the Japanese god of sales, will say, "There is no secret to marketing, only walking more than others and running longer than others." Only two Yu for a salesman's soul: "diligence!" No passionate salesperson will work harder. So, how can they generate their own enthusiasm for the struggle? First and foremost, write down your strengths and review them once a day; you must also give a spiritual speech at least once a day. "I will succeed!" you must exclaim. If you have a motto, you should read it aloud a few times. Second, it is critical to read a motivational book at least once a week. Remember Teddy Roosevelt's biography of marketing techniques salesmanship? Every morning, he told himself, "Today is the brightest day of my life!"

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