Customized Introduction Of China Fasteners

  •    1. Communicate in the early stage to determine the customer's customization requirements.


       2. Planning drawings. When planning drawings, we will insist on communicating with customers at any time.


      3. Raw material procurement for stainless steel non-standard China Fasteners system. After we plan the drawings, the next step is to prepare for production. Purchasing stainless steel non-standard China Fasteners raw materials is an indispensable production process.


      4. Product inspection and inspection. After the production and processing are completed, we will have quality inspectors to inspect or assemble the products to ensure that the product quality meets the standards and to ensure that the equipment produced and used by the customer is handled.


      5. Packaging logistics and packaging products of stainless steel non-standard Full Threaded Stud, we will use wooden boxes to bind the products, and maybe package the products according to customer requirements.