Introduction Of Stud Manufacturer Maintenance

    1. A pair of Full Threaded Stud must be provided by the manufacturer according to batch matching, and each box should be equipped with high-strength bolts and nuts and corresponding washers. The packaging box should be able to meet the storage and transportation needs, and also have the function of sealing and sealing. High-strength bolt packaging boxes must carry product certificates and quality assurance certificates. Also indicate the batch number and standard, and write down the number of bolts on the outside of the box.
    2. During transportation and storage, as well as during use, it must be lightly loaded and unloaded to prevent the net from being damaged. High-strength bolts that are severely damaged or wetted by rain due to rain cannot be used. used.
    3. It should be noted that Stud Manufacturer's high-strength bolt connections should be stored in boxes in the indoor warehouse, and there should be some moisture-proof items on the floor, and they should be classified and stored according to batch numbers and standards. Cannot be mixed in storage applications. If it is used to connect the high-strength bolts used in the activity room of the activity box code, it should be placed in the lowest layer, and should be above the head, and cannot be fixed on the ground. Here, the height of the high-strength bolts from the ground is required to be greater than 300 mm, and the height of the yard is usually no more than 5 to 6 floors.