Introduction To Knapsack Fertilizer Machine Parameters

  •   Manual Corn Seeder is the main machine for planting corn. It can sown corn seeds quantitatively into the soil at a fixed row and plant spacing, and carry out reliable soil burying, which is conducive to the uniform distribution and reasonable growth of corn plants. The following hognxciang agricultural equipment specifically introduces the operation process of Manual Corn Seeder.

      Before using the Manual Corn Seeder, you must carefully read the operating instructions of the machine, fully grasp the position of the important parts in the Manual Corn Seeder, and grasp the various performances of the machine. In the specific operation process, the operation should be carried out in strict accordance with the specifications in the manual to avoid the problem of machine failure.

      Before using the Manual Corn Seeder, the Manual Corn Seeder should be carefully inspected. In order to ensure the flexible operation of various components, lubricating oil should be added to the transmission parts, and at the same time, it should be ensured that the components are tightly connected and whether the connecting bolts are in firm contact. In the specific operation process, if the machine makes an abnormal sound, stop the operation, and carry out the system inspection, and then carry out the corresponding maintenance treatment after the fault point is determined.

      In addition, the parameters of each component in the Knapsack Fertilizer Machine must be adjusted accordingly, and the seeding rate of the Knapsack Fertilizer Machine must be adjusted in strict accordance with the specific requirements in the instruction manual and the corresponding agricultural production needs. Adjusting the seeding rate of Knapsack Fertilizer Machine is mainly to adjust the sprocket appropriately. After adjusting the sowing amount, move the planter to the field for sowing experiment. Regardless of whether the seeding amount or plant spacing does not meet the corresponding requirements, the sprocket should be replaced first, and then a unified experiment will be carried out until all the indicators meet the corresponding requirements, then large-scale seeding can be carried out. At the same time, the amount of fertilizer should be adjusted, that is, through the adjustment of the external sheave. By adjusting the depth of sowing and fertilization, the germination rate of corn seeds can be effectively increased.