Introduction To Planting Machine Operation

  •    Vegetable Planter is the most important small agricultural machinery for our people, and it has been recognized by the majority of users. But what should you pay attention to when purchasing Vegetable Planter?
       1. It depends on the quality acceptance certificate of the machine
    When purchasing a Vegetable Planter, you must ask the manufacturer for a machine certificate. This means that the Planting Machine has been inspected and accepted; it also depends on whether there is a promotion license issued by the provincial or ministerial level. Every Vegetable Planter will be issued when it leaves the factory. After acceptance by the relevant departments, they will be inspected in accordance with relevant national standards, and only machines that have undergone strict inspection can be marked with a certificate. ,
       2. See if Vegetable Planter has an instruction manual and a three pack certificate
    The Vegetable Planter produced by a regular manufacturer will be equipped with an instruction manual for the machine. The instruction manual can guide the user how to operate the Planting Machine and how to solve the problems encountered during use. The three-guarantee certificate is for return, exchange or maintenance in accordance with the relevant national three-guarantee regulations. Look at the manual and the model on the three packs should be consistent with the actual model purchased.
      3. The purchase of Vegetable Planter depends on whether the fuselage has safety protection and warning signs
    The Vegetable Planter of regular manufacturers will have protective covers on key parts to ensure the safe operation of users, and obvious safety warning stickers are posted on the machine parts that are prone to danger, which is responsible for the personal safety of consumers.
      4. The most important thing to buy Vegetable Planter depends on the quality of the parts of the machine. Good quality machine parts have fine workmanship, no small cracks and burrs, etc., and good quality machines can only be operated and guaranteed.