Aris has the rarest fall in Path of Exile in less than 100 hour

  • "Path of Exile" is one of the most popular ARPG games in the world, with thousands of active players every day. Although there are many players in the game, some POE Currency are so rare that many of them will never have a chance to obtain them.

    In a recent promotion, Aris, who promoted under the name EvoidingThePuddle, flaunted the product he bought, although he didn't know how rare this product was. After Aris claimed to have obtained "Calandra's Mirror", he learned through chat that it was one of the rarest items in the game.

    As many viewers doubted whether he owned the item, Aris turned on his PlayStation, started "Path of Exile" and showed his trophy for chat. The project does look like his idea, but since less than 100 hours of playing in the game, it is particularly impressive. The reason why it is so surprising is that many players have spent thousands of hours of game time without ever seeing the item in person.

    "Someone on YouTube played 6,000 hours and hasn't played it yet. Yes, I told you he is running a nerd. If you want to be lucky, you have to be lucky," Aris said.

    At present, the market value of this product on PlayStation is more than $220, and the courtesy form of PC players can get a price of more than $300. Xbox is the rarest platform for this item, because a single Kalandra Mirror on Xbox is worth up to $1,000. Players can enjoy the most favorable price when Buy POE Currency in POECurrency.