In Animal Crossing, I can't go home for vacation

  • Throughout the fall, I stopped visiting Animal Crossing. Now I am back. Everything has changed. The flowers and trees have withered and turned gray. The courtyard is overgrown with weeds. Everything has changed. This is no longer in my memory house. Most of us here have an unrelated relationship with animals that cross the island. Replace real-life interactions that suddenly become too dangerous to enjoy.

    Last year, I accidentally discovered Animal Crossing, which became a lifeline for me and many others. However, the lifeline is a generous word used to describe my interdependence with Animal Crossing. With the help of the ACBellsBuy platform,ACNH Items, I spent hundreds of hours here to complete video game trivia, do tasks, receive task rewards, and To decorate the room, ACBellsBuy platform has a lot of tools to help me clear the customs.

    In the game, the higher the level, the more tasks I receive, and the game always reflects life. When I saw that the mission had failed, I tried to move on. The new autumn environment of the game. She is there, this avatar should be my ideal version. But she is as hot as seasonal depression, without time or normal concepts like IRL.

    I have been playing these games since I was very young, and each decoration is a combination of various failed attempts to match the ultimate perfection of the island carefully crafted by my friend. Leaving halfway, these efforts have disappeared, and now I need to return to Animal Crossing again. Fortunately, I have an ACBellsBuy platform. Here are the Nook Miles Tickets, Animal Crossing Items For Sale, Animal Crossing Gold, etc I need. The most satisfying ones are here. Customer service is available throughout the day and the delivery speed is fast, which can shorten my game cycle and save my time.