Animal Crossing: How to get DIY recipes and toys

  • The holiday is approaching. During this holiday, Animal Crossing has released a new version update, and players will be able to access two new in-game events: Turkey Day and Toy Day. During the event, you can collect a total of eight new DIY recipes, but you can only get them if you manage to pass special tasks. There are a total of four dishes to be improved, and each time you will get a random Turkish holiday DIY recipe. The Turkey Day event has now begun. Various toys have been filled in the corners of life before. Players can start participating in the event and collect various items.

    If you missed the event due to time issues, don't worry, there is another way to get a recipe in the evening. This is with the help of trusted platforms, such as ACNH Nook Miles Tickets, which has Animal Crossing Items, which can help us pass customs.

    In addition to the upcoming Turkish Day and Toy Day celebrations, the latest winter update trailer for Animal Crossing: New Horizons also brings many surprises, including the new Animal Crossing NPC trailer: Pavie. This is all the information about the peacock character recently announced by New Horizons.

    As the player approaches the end of the year, Animal Crossing: New Horizons will gradually transition to Christmas, and the islands will be covered with snow to maintain the player's holiday spirit. Now, for players looking for inspiration on how to decorate the island in the upcoming Toy Day event, here are some holiday-themed villages that players can visit. Of course, if some players want to save time and reduce time spent, they can get help from ACBellsBuy, such as Nook Miles Tickets Buy and Animal Crossing Gold. The tools are cute and convenient. The most important thing is that the delivery speed is fast and you can save money. We players have a lot of time.