About giving gifts in Animal Crossing 12-30

  • During Christmas, we not only want to send blessings to family and friends but also to give them gifts. Now, it is possible to send gifts to family and friends in Animal Crossing, and even send special postcards with the theme of winter. You can complete all operations through Dodo Airlines' in-game mail system.

    Pick up toys and gifts and send them to friends and family on your island or your friend's list. If you want to pack more beautifully, you can also pick up some wrapping paper. A piece of wrapping paper usually costs 160 bels, and a bundle of wrapping paper costs 800 bels, depending on the style. Then wrap the gift and send it out.

    To wrap a gift, use the X button on the Joy-Con controller on the right to open the inventory, and then select the wrapping paper. Select packaging from the menu, and then select the items to be packaged in the inventory. In addition to the packaging, players can also buy Animal Crossing Items, ACNH Gold, and Nook Miles Tickets. I personally like Animal Crossing Bells very much because it is beautiful. Throughout December, you can see a large number of festival-themed holiday decorations around the residents' service square on the island. First, you need to buy toys and other special gifts at the ACBellsBuy store.

    After entering the information, you can attach a gift. In the lower right corner of the screen, click the icon that looks like a gift. Select the item to be attached from the inventory, and then select Send postcard. Your recipient will receive it in their mailbox the next day.