Send exclusive postcards in Animal Crossing 12-31

  • During the Christmas period, Animal Crossing also has a new version update. You can send postcards to animal residents or other players on the island. On your first visit, Orville will provide you with postal services. On the right side of his desk, you will see an envelope folder that you can send to friends. This is chargeable.

     Animal Crossing can also celebrate Christmas, where players can choose Christmas decorations and meet family and friends in the game. At the same time, during the event, the price of the items is also very low and can only be purchased within a limited time: February 1st to December 3rd, 2020, it is very cost-effective to buy Nook Miles Tickets during the current time. Make sure you are connected to the Internet and close Postcard holder, select a friend from the menu, and click the send button.

    After typing the message, press the plus button on the right controller to see its preview. Then, you can choose to continue writing and store the message for later sending, or you can cancel the sending card by pressing the minus button on the left controller, and the operation is over, which is very simple and convenient.

    Besides, you can also customize postcards. If you send an animal to an animal on your island, they might even respond! Each item will have a different color change. As with most holiday-themed items, you can only pick a specific color for each item in your ACBellsBuy store, so please come back regularly to collect all these items.

    As the snow slowly accumulates on the island, special snowflakes will also fall from the sky. If you catch them with a net, you can collect more winter-themed DIY recipes. Shaking the decorative trees around the island may drop special decorations. If you collect enough food, you will also receive special Christmas-themed DIY recipes throughout December.