Animal Crossing visits the virtual island 1-4

  • Each time Animal Crossing is upgraded, there will be different changes. The most important purpose is to bring players a different experience. Animal Crossing has added a new section for tourism today, named Sado Island.

    In the Animal Crossing world, console game players can interact with the Toki-based characters on the game island, which is based on Sado Island in Niigata Prefecture. Players need to be very patient to find. You can find the dream address or password required to access the game island on the official website of the city.

    Sado Island has many famous attractions, and many players come to watch it every day. For example, one of the gold mines is listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site. This is very famous. Besides, there are many other special attractions. The game is used for the first time to increase its economic attractiveness and expand revenue. It was introduced while staying at home during Christmas and New Year.

    The project was jointly developed by the Sado City Hall and the Niigata Prefecture Government. According to the city, there are six areas on the island for players to explore, including a rice field art area, and Sado has an endangered bird protection center. ACBellsBuy store sells various goods. Many players buy Cheap ACNH DIY from this shop. The items are cheap and very popular among players. There are images of takes made of rice in various colors. Players can dig for wealth in gold mining areas, interact with Japanese Toki-based characters, download T-shirts with island characteristics, wear characters, and take commemorative photos. Travel-shaped fishing boat in the unique bathtub on the island.