The magical decoration ability of animal crossing 1-6

  • The game life in Animal Crossing is the same as reality, and the bed, chair, and dining table in real life are also available in Animal Crossing. It continues the long-standing tradition of casual games and a large number of customization options in the series. Animal Crossing is widely praised for its wide range of projects and options, which can build equally diverse buildings, houses, and people.

    As more and more content is available for Animal Crossing: New Horizons, more and more creative players are gaining it. In addition to enjoying real life, this kind of entertainment in player apartments can also be realized in games. With more and more content being released in ever-changing games, the possibilities are endless. The combination of reality and virtuality is a great time for entertainment, and it is expected to be the first of many entertainments.

    The player recreated the apartment in the game. A leather chair can be placed in front of the TV. The leather chair is also equipped with leather to watch TV. The chicks that do not appear in the house in real life can be realized in the game. I will buy the ACNH Items I like from the ACBellsBuy store and put them in the house. I like this store very much. The purchase of ACNH Items is fast. But players will immediately recognize everything from the foosball table to the duck's apartment, which is very informative.

    This is a very impressive entertainment, creating new tools, simple, monochrome furniture, Spartan layout, nothing more interesting than a football table. The furniture setting is almost impossible to describe, it can be placed at will, and the details can determine success or failure. Leisure activities are clear at a glance, which means that alternatives will not affect the recognizability of the apartment.