Animal Crossing: How to grow blue roses 1-7

  • First, the player should buy seeds from the sales office. Red, yellow, and white rose seeds are needed. After buying the seeds, start planting. Remember, every seed has a unique DNA sequence. Growing roses is easy because of the types of seeds sold in the store change every day.

    The cross-breeding of two white roses will have the opportunity to create purple roses. Players need to collect high-quality purple roses and plant special white roses. To test whether a special purple rose is good and has the potential to produce blue roses, players can try to cross hybrid purple roses with more yellow rose seeds, and high-quality purple roses will produce white and yellow roses. The bad ones can be discarded. Players who wish to plant many blue roses may want many special white roses, so they should repeat this process as much as possible to increase their chances of obtaining blue roses.

    Hybrid black roses and special white roses can get red roses. To select high-quality black roses, players should hybridize black roses with special white roses. Ultimately, this combination will create a mixed red rose. Once the player has the special white rose and mixed red rose, they should cross over them to breed the orange rose.

    Players need to cross two or more special mixed red roses to try to generate blue roses. Players should place as many special red roses as possible for hybridization to further increase the chance of planting blue roses. Besides, many players buy Animal Crossing Items, and Nook Miles tickets are also very popular. After purchasing from ACBellsBuy store, they can arrive very quickly, which is great. For players, this is time travel. Players can plant these rare flowers and proudly display them in their homes on the island.