Why is Animal Crossing cuter and cuter?

  • anyone can participate in the game. Its players can be kids about to go to school, gentlemen, ladies, or elegant grandmothers. If needed, you can set up your paradise island. In this game, residents living on the island can walk, raise pets, plant flowers, and eat with neighbors, all of which can be achieved.

    In addition to mini-dolls, there are more and more items that can be purchased in Animal Crossing, such as my favorite ACNH bells and Animal Crossing DIY. After the new items are on the shelves, I will buy ACNH Items. My island needs these items. As of August last year, the sales volume of the latest statistics of New Vision has been high, 20 million copies have been sold, and this number is still growing. By this summer, the hype may reach new heights.

    Animal Crossing: The New Horizons Villager series mini doll set has been unveiled and has not been officially sold yet. The latest news informs that it will be on sale on an unspecified date in June 2021. The Animal Crossing Villager mini-model set now has seven cute little piglets. The series is sold by a partner company and is now in the preview stage. The specific release time is scheduled to start shipping in June this summer.

    In the coming time, retailers will start to provide Animal Crossing: New Horizons Villager series mini figure sets are selling new mini models, seven villagers’ Minifigures, including Isabel, Marshal, and Tom Nuuk, have a height of about 2 1 /5 inches. Those who are interested can sign up for email notifications and follow the latest news.