Animal crossing's museum design

  • Animal crossing can create real-life normally. In addition to normal walks, pets, and rose planting, there are also museums on the virtual islands, which can normally collect books. Ultimately, the museum design for Animal Crossing is a museum of Animal Crossing and more video games judged by real museum curators.

    All the curators involved in Animal Crossing have their talents and brought their expertise. They have discovered things that ordinary people would not think of. First, museum curators in real-life noticed the animal crossing game. They thought it was interesting, including the chairman of the space history department of the Smithsonian National Air and Space Museum, to weigh this popular in-game music.

    What's more interesting is that one of the designers guides the player to a specific path, from the carpet in the remake of the movie scene to the door of the second part of the museum. This is the first combination of reality and virtuality, which is very interesting.

    Animal Crossing has just been released, and the game settings provide gamers with a quiet place to escape the influence of real events. I will choose the trusted ACBellsBuy store to buy ACNH Items, which can make my island more attractive. In this huge museum, players can relax and rest. Animal Crossing is not the first to introduce the museum. Other games have also established a game museum. Although it is virtual, the response is very good, and players like it.

    According to statistics, Animal Crossing was one of the most popular games last year, and now a new virtual museum has been introduced, and Animal Crossing will get better and better. Now, museum curators in the real world are already considering the design of these digital knowledge centers. Facts have proved that it is a good year for the video game industry and the world it must provide in the new year. 2020 has passed. In the past year's statistics, the download and registered users of Animal Crossing reached a peak. I hope that this year, the fate of the world's public learning places will change. The digital museum products of the electronic museum are still many people. The best choice.