The Road to Exile: Interpretation of Legion Balance Changes

  • With the changes in the upcoming Legion of Exile, Grinding Gear can reveal some details about the changes to the players. Most notably, melee fighting in many areas is balancing. These include early battles, the ability to hit multiple targets, skill rebalancing, passive tree changes, accuracy, weapon types, increased weapon, and gem damage, and general combat changes. Some of these changes are quite large and may give some players more convenient operations and even greater damage.

    Predators and duelists dominate this class
    We have chosen a major change to POE Currency Buy the chieftain, the Berserker. We want to have a stronger identity and enable them to achieve their design goals. Meet the wishes of players who have played these roles before.

    For a heart attack attacker, the chieftain should be the player's choice, as it will regenerate many lives and need to be a competitive choice for melee totem characters.

    Berserkers should be able to get some of the highest damage from players but at a high cost. So we compressed the recovery tool to make it work better and meet the needs of most players. Players can then have more time to deal with the damage, without worrying that the time is too hasty.

    The murderer strengthened his position and created most of his life, and he could also make great problems for his unique enemies. He also has strong regional bonuses, as well as new key synergies and professional Frenzy and Endurance charging mechanisms.

    Gladiator has given a new character, so when it is really designed, it is likely to POE Currency be noticed by many players. It has been modified to help the Gladiator-themed blood and sand skills but has never received other major changes. The champion is accepting some minor improvements, and Juggernaut is still the same except for his indomitable passive damage and regional gains.

    The above may be the general content of the balance of the army in the "path of exile", and to a large extent, these contents make the player completely different from the past. I believe that after this latest release, it should be very exciting.