Our Outdoor Furniture Picks To Get You Ready For Spring/Summer

  •   It’s that time of year again folks…time to think about our outdoor furniture Wholesale and count the days till summer. Or maybe that’s just me, always dreaming of summer. In any case, in both big and small ways, the great outdoors is more crucial than ever so it is high time we give our outdoor spaces some love. I know I said I was going to completely revamp my backyard last year but life happened and let’s just say I can really only focus on one project at a time. But this year my backyard is going to get the makeover she deserves, and I know a lot of y’all have been home thinking about doing the same, so if you are envisioning transforming your outdoor space, here’s your sign to start. And if it seems too early to be talking about outdoor furniture (it’s even raining here in LA after all) need I remind you how quickly things sold out last year?? We don’t want anyone to miss out on the new collections this year so today I am sharing our favorite outdoor furniture on the market right now so you snag something beautiful for your space while ya can. Let’s get to it

      Get yourself a comfy lounge chair, make yourself a refreshing drink on the rocks, bask in the sun, and have no worries besides where and when to nap next. Step one is finding the perfect lounge chair for your space, so let’s start with these beauties.


      Now if you are really ready to set up a relaxation station (who isn’t at this point?), you can level up to the chaise lounge chair. These chairs are nap-worthy and will make your backyard feel like a vacation in no time.

      Back when I first started at EHD, I developed a real passion and appreciation for chairs. There are so many different shapes, styles, sizes, colors, PATTERNS to explore and they can really bring home a style. Not to mention I love a good ole fashion mix and match to even further liven up a space. Now, outdoor chairs may be more about function than form, but that won’t stop me from sharing some of the most beautiful outdoor chairs on the market right now.

      I want to sit on it whilst enjoying an outdoor dinner party with friends and feel like a queen. Also, you have the space for a long outdoor dining table, benches are GREAT and bring in some more visual interest.


      Anyone else missing intimate dinner parties with friends?? It’s been far too long so maybe now is your chance to set up an outdoor dining area so you can enjoy company safely once the warmer months come along. I know this is what I am looking forward to greatly so these are the dining tables are on my radar right now:


      Bonus points if your home has a patio covering so you can enjoy the space year-round (ok, maybe that’s just us on the west coast..sorry!). But either way, a sitting area will guarantee your outdoor space gets a lot of use.


      If you want a really functional outside retreat, you must sprinkle in a few side tables. Ideally, for every sitting area, there should be places to set a drink and these side tables will certainly do the job.


      Have you ever accidentally fallen asleep outside, in the sun, on a sofa? It might be the best feeling ever. I am definitely dreaming of summer (clearly) and these outdoor sofas will make any outdoor space feel homey and inviting.


      Even if you have a small yard or even a patio, a loveseat will make you want to enjoy the space 10x more. Here are our favorites。


      I am definitely a patio set kind of gal because all of the furniture options out there can be overwhelming. An outdoor dining set or lounge chair/side table set will definitely get a lot of use this year and there are so many great options out there.

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