Introduction Of Outdoor Furniture Manufacturer Material

  • Garden furniture is furniture placed on balconies, courtyards, gardens and other outdoor leisure places to provide people with leisure and entertainment. What materials does garden furniture have? The main difference between general indoor furniture and outdoor furniture is that outdoor furniture is inevitably exposed to wind, sun and rain, so these issues must be considered for outdoor furniture selection. Common outdoor furniture materials include metal, wood, plastic, rattan, and cement. Let Outdoor Aluminum Dining Set Manufacturer take a look at what materials are better for outdoor furniture.

    1. What materials does the garden house have?

    There are many types of garden furniture and different materials. Garden furniture can be divided into: garden parasol, dining chair, high bar, coffee table, sofa, recliner, leisure chair, etc. according to its function.

    The materials of garden furniture range from the original stone and wood to the current imitation rattan, iron, aluminum alloy, casting, etc., with more and more patterns. However, iron furniture is prone to rust due to its heavy weight. The current aluminum frame is combined with high-quality PE rubber rattan to become a symbol of the highest quality garden furniture. The biggest feature of PE rubber rattan is that it is not afraid of wind and rain, aluminum alloy The nozzle is oxidation-resistant, corrosion-resistant and not easy to scratch.

    1. The role of garden furniture.

    There are still many functions of garden furniture. Here are a few points for everyone:

    1. Garden furniture can be used for leisure and entertainment;
    2. Garden furniture can play a decorative role for gardens and other still lifes, and there will be furniture among thousands of flowers, which makes it feel like home;
    3. Garden furniture can give people a fresh, natural, soft and lightweight feeling, and can bring people a good mood;

    Garden furniture is also a symbol of taste and temperament.

    1. What material is better for outdoor furniture?
    2. Solid wood.

    Solid wood floors give people a natural and rustic feeling, and are mostly loved by people. However, outdoor furniture needs to undergo anti-corrosion treatment and must be set under the rain shed to prevent the solid wood tables and chairs from being wetted by rain and affecting normal use.

    1. Metal.

    Outdoor furniture is made of metal materials, which are more durable. Aluminum or water-resistant alloy materials are the best, but be careful to avoid collisions. Iron round tables and chairs are the most common materials in garden furniture. Compared with other materials, they are resistant to wear and have a long service life. Metal garden furniture has a variety of shapes, and the hollow patterns are very beautiful.

    1. Cement.

    Garden furniture made of cement is very common. Putting cement garden furniture in the garden does not have to worry too much about its damage. Compared with other materials, cement garden furniture obviously has stronger corrosion resistance, but the disadvantage is that it cannot be moved.

    1. Bamboo and rattan.

    Bamboo and rattan outdoor furniture is beautiful, but it is expensive, difficult to care, easy to accumulate dust and mildew, so you must choose good quality outdoor furniture that has been specially treated.

    1. Imitation rattan.

    Imitation rattan is also called rubber rattan and west rattan. Glue rattan is also a commonly used garden furniture material at present, with its beautiful appearance and low price. But rubber rattan garden furniture cannot be exposed to the sun, and inferior rubber rattan materials will break rattan after three to four months of use.

    1. Plastic.

    Due to the lack of wood resources, more and more imitation wood products, such as plastic wood, plastic wood, PVC, PS modified materials, etc., with the improvement of technology, these plastic outdoor furniture have stronger weather resistance, no corrosion or discoloration , No aging, no insects, and most of them are processed from recycled plastics, making a great contribution to environmental protection.

    Due to the improvement of living standards, more and more families now have private gardens or terraces, and garden furniture has become the perfect combination for gardens. The installation of outdoor garden furniture is not only beautiful, but also practical. The above is the function of outdoor furniture manufacturer to introduce you to the role of garden furniture and what materials are good for outdoor furniture. Everyone has some understanding of garden outdoor furniture. When choosing outdoor furniture, you can A better choice.