The new story of the year is the animal crossing after being lo

  • Animal Crossing: New Horizons, released in March a year ago, would be the ideal game to deal with this pandemic: when we are far away from each other, it has a lot of digital connectivity. Every day you can find new stories about animal crossing activities (I am still sad that Elijah Wood has not visited my island in the foreseeable future). The Slack and Discord communities are booming, allowing website visitors to buy and sell recipes, barter furniture and household items, and seek the highest weekly carrot prices. A friend of mine even held a virtual book event among gamers.

    A year later, many people are still struggling to deal with Covid-19. In most cases, everyone is in the status quo of keeping a distance from society. However, although this is clearly the case, the specific situation in March 2021 is still very different. The whole world feels that the out-of-control situation has decreased. Many of my vulnerable relatives are vaccinated. Animal Crossing Bells is the most commonly used virtual currency in the game, which is used and obtained from almost all aspects. I can see a relaxing place at the end of the tunnel. I still choose the Animal Crossing relaxed style, but this time my gameplay requires more complexity. Therefore, I am obsessed with "The Story of Four Seasons: The Pioneer of Olive Town".

    If you have not played the "Four Seasons Story" game (or Stardew Valley, because the game will rely on the old version in the "Four Seasons Story"), the sport is a bit like "Animal Crossing" but involves more A wide range of. Like AC, "Pioneer of Olivetown" can be your work, but unlike Farmville, there is still a lot of work to do. After completing the main storyline of Animal Crossing, you can improve the island and establish contact with villagers, but there is no incentive to move it to other places. Decide that the storyline is under your control; it doesn’t have to be played in one go, but it can last for days, weeks, and months in small doses.

    Seasonal story: On the other hand, the pioneers of Olive Town inherited the early overgrown farm from your grandfather, initially from your protagonist. Normal operation is your job, and this also includes planting crops, repairing the barn (cattle! Alpaca! Chicken!), and repairing earlier bridges to reach new parts of the farm. But wait, there is more—your farm is close to a fairly large town. Not only can you shop, have a drink in a coffee shop, buy new clothes and a haircut, you can also promote friendship and marriage.

    I can't emphasize too much on what to do, that's why it is very suitable now. If Animal Crossing: New Horizons defines the pandemic and stagnant life in 2020, then "Story of Four Seasons: Pioneers of Olive Town" may be a game of hope that individuals hope to reopen in 2021.

    A year ago, the "Pioneer of Olive Town" was overwhelmed. This is not what I hired because I need something to soothe my nerves, and the possibilities are usually endless. Now, this is indeed the perfect engagement. I am still anxious (this is indeed my secret, I have been anxious for a long time). I am not saying that the situation is good, but the situation is improving. I have the ability and power to participate in more games and manage more complexity.

    In addition, "The Story of Four Seasons: The Pioneers of Olive Town" will be as much or less as you want. Animal Crossing emphasizes to be immersed in creativity, which is incredible (and necessary, I am glad that this may be true), although not everyone's brain can get long-term satisfaction and satisfaction from it. At some point, I need more than what the sport can provide. The pioneers of Olive Town provided this.

    I must also add that sometimes Animal Crossing seems to be busy with work most of the days, and may be obligated to get carrots and sell them (why is my price always bad?) to catch up with those Nooks Miles. I hate trivia tied to this sport. If you want to Buy Animal Crossing Bells quickly, I recommend that you get them quickly from, deliver them quickly, and support 24/7 online service.  It is recommended to use "Pioneer of Olive Town", it can have a lot of time, but I don't have much time, although the time spent wandering has nothing to do with real life. Whether it is every day, every week or a month, I can solve it and relax, no one gives me a chance to take a vacation (and my original farm has not been inundated by cockroaches).

    "Four Seasons" is much better than "Animal Crossing"-they are two very different experiences, so it is your responsibility to find the most suitable one. However, if you have exhausted the content in Animal Crossing" and deeply miss the satisfaction you felt while playing the game, then if you need more entertainment and fulfillment, then please read "Four Seasons Story: Pioneer of Olive Town". ""This may be your favorite game in 2021.