Introduction Of Heavy Duty Smart Padlock On


    If you need to change the lock, you need to prepare your ID card, real estate certificate or rental contract and other documents to prove that you are a resident of this house. If your real estate certificate is locked at home together, you must ask the community property and neighbors to prove that you are a resident here. . If you don't have any of these and you don't know the neighbors well, then call 110 and the padlock company will unlock the lock under police supervision. This strictness is also the guarantee of the safety of people's lives and property. In addition, if the lock is changed as soon as possible after unlocking, it will prevent hidden dangers if the key is lost.

    When using the door lock, the unlocking company said that it is necessary to grasp the strength and hold the handle, and then rotate the lock tongue into the lock body and then release the hand to close the door, so as to reduce the long-term wear of the lock tongue or damage due to inability to be in place. In addition, the padlock company recommends not to slam the door hard to reduce the life of the lock.

    1. Wear the "Lock Repair Service Card", and bring the public security record certificate or copy and my ID card;

    2. Checking valid identity documents such as identity cards of citizens seeking assistance;

    3. Neighbors or community workers must be present, or citizens are required to explain the main items in the room and their placement;

    4. Before opening bank vaults, heavy duty smart padlock for motor vehicles, and door locks for government agencies, enterprises and institutions, the 110 alarm service desk must be notified for registration and recordation.