You need to understand what exactly is happening in Pokemon

  • Compared with the past games, the eighth-generation Pokemon game Sword and Shield has its advantages, especially in the new Pokemon design and soundtrack. It has shortcomings in many areas, especially the story. Fans think the story aspect can make this game more interesting.

    Although no animation series or video games were chosen to confirm this theory, there is a lot of evidence to support this theory, although there are many arguments against it. Various discussions do not delay the player's Buy Shiny Pokemon For Sale in the store. Although fans may never be able to predict one method, as long as theory can play any role, it is another method.

    What is the rigging Galal alliance theory? The War of the Roses, Chairman of the Macrocosm. The central idea behind this theory is that Leon is not only the champion of the Galar League, but the report that he has been undefeated is indeed his career as a Pokemon trainer.

    The fans quickly realized that this statement was unlikely. Most players also want to know the truth about Buy Shiny Pokemon Buy. And it was quickly decided that Chairman Ross used his influence over the Galar Pokemon League to transfer Leon from the title of the champion instead of the actual champion position to his victory, which is an integral part of his success.

    In the camp game, the only real evidence that Leon is not worthy of his title is purely guessing the participants, especially after the participants themselves have struggled with him. Although not a simple battle, but as the past champion of the series. If golfers try again to participate in the Galar League challenge, Leon usually loses to fewer coaches, which shows that Leon is part of the victory.