The Pros and Cons of Affordable Website Design

  • Many websites offer the ability to build your website with no hosting fee or domain registration. In essence, you create your website as a sub-domain of their site. Although this is undoubtedly a way to create an affordable website design, you do not have an individual url or web address. These sites offer a variety of templates from which you choose your preference. You can then add logos, graphics and content. Some features and options are available, but these sites are generally somewhat limiting. Maintenance of the site, content management and search engine optimization are left to you - not often the field of expertise of your average business owner.

    You could buy one of the many software programs that help you to create your website, using templates to assist you with the layout and design of the website. However, these affordable website designs look a little formulaic, lacking the customized design that a professional website should showcase. Your ability to write a copy may also become apparent on a website you have built yourself. Of course, with these affordable website designs, you will have to register your domain name, pay for hosting, and learn quite a bit about site optimization to get traffic.

    Suppose you search online for website design companies. In that case, you may be surprised to find several that offer what may seem like meagre rates for affordable website design. These companies often design your website based on templates they have used for hundreds of other clients. Without any creative conceptualization, your website will lack the character and depth needed to reflect your business.

    Website design freelancers offer an excellent alternative to affordable website design for you or your business. They offer the same expertise you would find at a digital agency, at better rates and often with more personal attention and better service. Many freelancers have the skills to write, design and optimize your affordable website design. A digital agency can provide a complete service alternative, but their affordability will depend on your budget. You will generally be rewarded for the extra expenditure with a professional. Still, an affordable website design that looks good attracts the right traffic and achieves your objectives.

    When it comes to your image, whether personal or professional, it is essential to realize that affordable website design for you or your business may not be the best option. Sometimes spending a little more pays off with a website that achieves your objectives, rather than skimping and getting a white elephant, albeit affordable. There are options available if you need affordable website design, and the results may surprise you. Look carefully at what you want to achieve with your site before going for the cheapest option.