Effects Of Mushrooms: The Dangers Of Magic Mushrooms

  • Although mushrooms can be a delicious supplement to a court, not all kinds of mushrooms are safe for their chicken marsala.

    Some mushrooms have toxic and deadly when they are eaten. Some mushrooms also have hallucinations and are consumed with high intentions. You may have heard of some people from your university or high school. You can even be curious about these magical fungus effects, but before you let your curiosity give your best, our drug treatment center will be shared all the side effects of fungi, which you should know.  

    What are mushrooms?

    Mushrooms are another name for the group of psilocybin and psilocin-containing mushrooms that are abused for hallucinations and hallucinatory effects. This magic mushroom is sometimes referred to as a magic mushroom or hallucinogenic mushroom. Naturally, this magical mushroom generally has a long white stem underneath, with a darker hat. This mushroom can be dried and taken alone or with food or tea. Some drug makers can also grind or pill dry mushrooms. In some cases, psilocybin and thyroxine can be made synthetically in the laboratory.

    In some cultures and some parts of the world, the impact of Psilocybin relates to spiritual experience or medicine purposes. In the United States, these magic mushrooms are illegal and often used for entertainment purposes. The use of fungi estimates that the lives of mushrooms throughout the country is 8.7% in 2013 throughout the country. Although the magic added is often no matter, the impact of fungi can be strong and a dangerous museum of the fungus museum.  

    Effects of mushrooms on the body in the short term

    Like other drugs, the effect of the fungi changes of individuals, and no drugs are completely safe. In addition to the amount of feeding and power of mushrooms, the side effects of mushrooms depend on other qualities such as weight, health, size, and experience with other drugs. Normally, the first impact of Psilocybin begins after the fungus is taken depending on the managed route and the feeding amount, about half an hour. The effects are usually outstanding for about six hours and change from one person to another. Some people can see that they have an exciting experience while others can have a bad trip.  

    Some immediate effects of fungi can include:

    • Feelings of euphoria
    • Distorted perception of time
    • Dilated pupils
    • This can include both visual and auditory hallucinations
    • Faster than normal heartbeat
    • Nausea or vomiting
    • Muscular weakness
    • Increased body temperature
    • Dry mouth and bad aftertaste that can last for hours.
    • Poor coordination
    • Sweating or chills
    • Anxiety or paranoia, especially for those who already have mental health problems.
    • Headaches


    While some people can think about trying on magical mushrooms or testing this substance, mushrooms can be dangerous. While death is rare, an overdose can lead to a bad and long-term journey. Mushrooms have dangers. These special fungi look very poisonous mushrooms, and this has led to deadly confusion. Mixing magical mushrooms with other substances, such as alcohol, can also lead to surprising or dangerous side effects.  

    Long-term mushroom side effects

    Although not normally thought to be addictive, some other potential long-term side effects of magic mushrooms Canada still need to be studied in more detail.

    Long-term effects of recreational mushrooms can include:

    • Persistent hallucinogen perception disorder (flashbacks of previous hallucinations)
    • Humor changes
    • Disorganized thinking
    • Paranoia
    • Personality changes

    The most common long-term effect of mushrooms is the presence of flashbacks reminiscent of pre-hallucinations that can occur even when a person is no longer high. Studies have found that up to 60% of users of habitual hallucinogens experience these flashbacks. These flashbacks can occur years after use. There are underlying medical problems, especially when mixed regularly with time bottles, other psychotropic drugs, but not enough research has been done to obtain definitive results.

    While abuse of entertainment of these substances is dangerous, there may also be some potential medical advantages for fungi. Some studies show that Psilocybin microdoses can help to treat depression and OCD as well as aid during alcoholism. Although there may be a promising development in the future to study these statements, is still new and mixed. For this reason, the abuse of Psilocybin of any kind is not recommended. 


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