No, Weed Nerds Ropes Will Not Be Given To Children On Halloween

  • Even if they were, as someone who mistakenly ate too many of them only a few weeks ago, I can promise you that it would be alright.


    Everyone is stressing out because their kids accidentally ate one of those cannabis gummy Nerds Ropes on Halloween, but let me assure you—as a woman who also accidentally ate one of those pot gummy Nerds Ropes—that you're all going to be OK.

    The hysteria began last Thursday when a small-town police department in southern Pennsylvania issued a Facebook warning to parents about all the "drug-laced edibles" their children may unwittingly obtain when trick-or-treating in the coming weeks. "Drug-laced sweets are packed like ordinary candy and may be difficult to identify from actual candy," a Johnstown Police Department spokesman subsequently told CBS News in a statement.


    The Johnstown Police Department specifically mentions a sweet consumable that resembles a Nerds Rope, which they obtained during a recent cocaine investigation. The pot gummy Nerds Rope resembles a regular Nerds Rope down to the virtually similar packaging, except it includes 400mg of THC, whereas conventional Nerds Ropes do not. (The Ferrara Candy Company makes genuine candy.)


    Assume if some crazy in your area chose to give your kids the weedy Nerds Rope. (Even if people aren't simply, like, giving their medicines out because drugs are expensive?) Assume your child eats at home. Let's just say...your child will most likely be alright. Believe me. I speak from personal experience.


    I just got Too High after eating two big bites off of a THC-filled Nerds Rope at a party without understanding it wasn't just ordinary candy and was, in fact, THC-laced. "No!!" said my pal. Don't!!" as I moved in for bite number two, but I was a little tipsy and assumed she was joking! I spent the remainder of the night in bed, "like a puppy on ketamine," as one acquaintance later described it, but you know what? I made it. Your child will, too. Eating marijuana is scarier than smoking it, but it won't kill you—even if you're underage.


    If you want to keep your kids safe from THC-laced Nerds Ropes this Halloween... Continue doing what you're doing since there's no way they'll get their hands on one by mistake during trick-or-treating. If they have a cannabis gummy Nerds Rope in their candy bags, it's because they purposefully purchased one. In that case, why not be a good parent and teach them how to use an edible properly so they don't lose out on a nice night by being too stoned? According to this first-time edibles guide, a little piece of weedy Nerds Rope should be enough to make your youngster high, so please! Please feel free to forward that on! if you want to get more information, please visit the website