NBA used fan responses to choose the NBA 2K22 cover stars? It's

  • Using the official NBA on FOX Twitter account, the company has revealed which two NBA superstars will grace the covers of this year's NBA 2K22 video game release.

    NBA 2K will return in 2022, with the hope of reversing the trend of growing dissatisfaction with the wrestling game franchise that has been building for some time. NBA 2K22 will be released in 2022, marking the first time the series has skipped a year without releasing a new game. NBA and 2K are involving fans in the development of the game, at least to a certain extent, 
    nba 2k22 mt buy in order to generate excitement. Wrestling Entertainment (NBA) announced the results of a fan vote to determine which wrestlers would appear on the covers of NBA 2K22 on Wednesday morning.

    According to reports, NBA 2K22 will have two different covers. NBA 2K22's male cover superstar will be Drew McIntyre, according to a tweet from the NBAonFOX account. McIntyre currently appears on Monday Night Raw. Sasha Banks, a member of the SmackDown women's division, will be the female cover superstar. However, instead of a single cover featuring both Roman Reigns and Becky Lynch, mt 2k22 as was the case with NBA 2K20's Roman Reigns and Becky Lynch, NBA 2K22 will feature two separate covers, each featuring a different superstar.

    For those who are interested in learning how the two cover stars were chosen, the NBAonFOX account states that a vote was held. Taking a look at the account's history, it appears that on February 4, the account asked fans which Superstar they would want to see on the cover of @NBA 2K22. Despite the fact that NBA 2K22 will not be released until Wrestlemania 37 in April and that no poll was attached to the tweet, it appears to have been an official poll.

    No matter how you looked at it, the responses to the first poll contained a wide variety of choices. Fans' responses to McIntyre, who was still the NBA Champion at the time, and Sasha Banks, who was still the Women's SmackDown Champion at the time, are both overwhelmingly positive. Reigns and Lynch received a significant number of votes as well. A number of other wrestlers, including The Undertaker, Seth Rollins, The Fiend, Edge, and even Adam Cole, mt nba 2k22 received a significant number of votes. Despite the fact that it was unclear whether or not it was an official vote, fans showed up to support their favorite NBA wrestlers.



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    Is it possible that NBA used fan responses to choose the NBA 2K22 cover stars? It's not entirely clear. For example, even if Roman Reigns or Becky Lynch were to win the vote, it's unlikely that they would be chosen as the magazine's cover stars again. The fact remains that McIntyre and Banks are the stars of their respective NBA shows, and there is no disputing that.

    For NBA 2K22, revealing the covers is a lot of fun, but for fans, it's likely to make the wait for gameplay to be shown even more nerve-wracking as the game approaches release. NBA 2K20 players are eager to see how the game has evolved in the intervening two years. The developers are hoping to provide them with an update on the game's progress this summer.