Players in the New World are arguing over whether horses are re




    The debate over mounts involves a lot of yelling at people who might be interested in mounts. It's the first game of its kind in a long time, and it has the potential to turn around Amazon's ailing games division. But let's get right to the heart of the matter: Should New World have mounts?








    As things stand, New World is characterized by rapid travel and the absence of horses or other rideable animals. The New World community is divided over whether the open beta was a good thing or not.



    To be honest, it appears that a vocal subset of the new world coins is absolutely enraged by the concept of mounts, and that curious, luckless posters who can't be bothered to look for the answer just keep walking into the trap. It's something that the game's official Twitter account has addressed numerous times. There are dozens of posts to be found anywhere New World is being discussed in which players defend their decision not to have mounts, sometimes against each other, sometimes against the air.

    STOP asking for mounts, as one thread is titled. Don't add any mounts! A third person offers an alternative suggestion.

    Some believe that the mounting pressure will make the world seem smaller. Some people simply don't care for the concept, and New World is working perfectly fine for them right now, thank you very much. Alternatively, they refer to a piece of lore that states that animals cannot be domesticated on New World's magical island.

    Similar searches can be conducted on Twitter, and I am confident that Facebook comments on the subject are a veritable deluge.