As a result of the Halloween update several items in Animal Cro

  • ACNH 2.0 Items: New Horizons received a seasonal fall patch only a few hours ago, thanks to a Nintendo update that was made available to all players. Growing pumpkins, gathering candy, and dressing up in elaborate Halloween costumes will all be possible in the game starting on October 1, which is a very exciting prospect to think about. New Horizons players, particularly those who were looking for hacked items to help them perfect the aesthetic of their island, were disappointed to discover that their favorite decorations had vanished when the game was updated, despite their efforts to keep them in place.

    The much-loved Harv's fence (as well as other hacked items) has vanished into thin air, just as the game itself has done as well. Everything has simply vanished from the game, and anyone who has collected and decorated their ACNH 2.0 Clothes For Sale island will notice that these items are no longer available. Statistics show that Harv's items, particularly the fence, were among the most frequently hacked items in the game for a period of time earlier in the year, which was attributed to a spike in hacking activity. My opinion is that the wine selection was exceptional for this time of year.)Having duplicated the items, the fence stacks are distributed to members of the community through a variety of channels, including trades, giveaways, and retail sales.

    In most cases, players do not consider hacked items to be significant because they do not provide any advantages over using non-hacked items in Buy Animal Crossing 2.0 Items that a New Horizons player cannot take advantage of when playing Animal Crossing in ACNH 2.0 Items. It is likely that the purchase and sale of these items will violate Nintendo's player agreement, which is a legal requirement in most jurisdictions.


    I'm going to water my pumpkins with the tears I shed while mourning my Harv's fence, according to a Twitter user: I'm going to water my pumpkins with the tears I shed while mourning my Harv's fence. According to another who expressed his sorrow over the loss of his Harv's fence, I'm going to use the tears I shed while mourning the loss of my Harv's fence to water my pumpkin plants.

    If you play on an older version of the game, you can keep your hacked items because there are no pumpkins to collect. This is the only way to keep your hacked items. ACNH 2.0 Items's reasonable to anticipate that Nintendo will patch out some of the more obscure hacked ACNH 2.0 Clothes For Sale items that are still available in New Horizons at some point in the future.

    Other players have brought to our attention that the villager posters in New Horizons are causing problems for them. We are looking into the matter. Players who already own or have displayed genuine real-world posters can continue to do so; however, some players have reported that they are no longer able to access posters from the catalog unless they are posters obtained from their own villagers in buy ACNH 2.0 Items or through the use of an amiibo, which has been confirmed by Nintendo. In turn, players who have received a New Horizons poster as a gift from another New Horizons player will be unable to purchase additional posters from the New Horizons catalog in the future as a result of this decision. Practices such as poster cataloging parties, which are popular in  because they allow players to gain access to an item simply by picking it up, as well as other similar practices, will be subject to the ban. Once this has been accomplished, they will be able to return the item to the person who made the original purchase.

    In particular, I believe it's important to note that the  amiibo cards, which can currently be purchased for $5.99 per card, will be brought back. In addition to collecting posters and transporting villagers between islands, players can use this method to transport villagers to and from their respective islands. There's a good chance that the poster catalog trick has been patched out at this particular point in time isn't a coincidental event.

    Despite the fact that the New Horizons fall update was launched on September 30, the vast majority of seasonal themed activities and items will not be available until the first of October.