It has been reported that NBA 2K22 will allow players to make t

  • Players will be able to pursue side projects in NBA 2K22, allowing them to be role models in the fashion and music industries in addition to being the best player in the league, according to recent reports.

    Long before it was officially recognized as such, the NBA was inextricably linked to hip-hop culture. Especially noteworthy is the fact that players such as Damian Lillard, Victor Oladipo, and Aaron Gordon have successfully ventured into the world of hip-hop music, serving as reminders that a professional player is capable of much more.

    Side projects are an accepted part of today's sporting culture and are encouraged. There is yet another segment of the sports industry that transforms athletes into fashion icons for their ardent supporters, known as "sneaker culture."

    It appears that EA has recognized the potential of these side ventures and will be incorporating them into NBA 2K22's career mode, according to a report from Hypebeast.


    In NBA 2K22, is EA bringing in some insane changes?

    As reported by the Associated Press, players in NBA 2K22 will be able to pursue their side projects in the game's MyCareer mode, which will be available on the new-generation consoles Xbox Series S/X and PlayStation 5.

    This will not only allow players to advance to the top of the league with their respective teams, but it will also provide them with the opportunity to pursue careers in the fashion and music industries as a result of their achievements.

    The addition of 'The City,' which will be merged with MyCareer mode in order to provide more vibrant and interesting storylines, will also be included in NBA 2K22 MT. According to the screenshots, players will be able to choose between participating in the sport through the Career mode and exploring the non-basketball options available in 'The City,' or they will be able to combine the two options altogether.

    It is unfortunate that 'The City' will not be available to players who access the game through the Xbox One, PlayStation 4, Nintendo Switch, or PC. But instead of going on a 2K cruise, which is essentially "The Neighborhood" on a luxury cruise ship, they will be sent on the 2k22 MT for sale cruise instead.

    Despite the fact that EA has not confirmed this, it appears to be a very interesting feature that will provide a larger-than-life perspective on one of the most celebrated franchises in the gaming industry.