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  • After discovering a major flaw in Deckard Cain's ability to identify items – a classic trick from the original Diablo 2 that has been omitted from the remake – players of Diablo 2 Resurrection have demanded a solution. dungeon crawling is a loot bonanza in D2R, with every demon hoard you clear dropping piles of equipment for diablo 2 resurrected items for sale to choose from, which they can then use to make money by selling, equipping, or storing it away.

    Identifying dropped items and checking what slots or effects they have is essential for D2 players in order to decide whether or not to keep them. In the game, there are two ways to identify an item, and one of them has to do with Deckard Cain's services after you've rescued – or paid him for the service if you didn't pick him up during the Search for Cain mission.

    Unfortunately, this was a mechanic that was being cut in the D2R beta and has now been removed entirely from the official release. In the words of user 'r3dholm,' "diablo 2 resurrected items Cain identification does not include items in the cube-like the original.""This is extremely inconvenient for me, and I hope that they will change it back as soon as they possibly can."

    another person said. "Yesterday, I was thinking about how strange that was, but then I started doubting myself about whether Cain ever did identify anything in the cube or not."Thanks for letting me know I'm not the only one who is dissatisfied with this."

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