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  • The cult classic Diablo 2 is back in a Resurrected version that has been brought up to date, nearly two decades after its initial release. We go over the best places to farm in the Blizzard game Overwatch.

    D2R Items Xbox: Resurrection will be available on the PlayStation 5, Xbox Series, PlayStation 4, ONE, Switch, and PC starting on September 23. The remaster of the cult Hack'n'Slash game of the same name features new detailed graphics, reworked cutscenes, and an updated soundtrack.

    Despite the numerous aesthetic changes, the core gameplay of Diablo2 Resurrected Items PC: Resurrected is nearly identical to that of its predecessor. One aspect of the games that is making a comeback in this revamped 2021 version is farming. Discover the best farming locations in Diablo 2 Resurrected Items Xbox S in the following paragraphs.


    This first location can be found in the Dark Marsh area behind Darkwood, close to the waypoint. In this location, you will be able to confront the Demonic Countess, the final boss of Act 1's quest 4. She is a good source of gold and runes of all kinds.

    There are three types of runes, each of which corresponds to a different level of difficulty:

    Typical: El to Ral runes
    Runes of doom: El to Io and Ko
    Runes are symbols of hell. El to Ist and Lo Mausoleums

    To get to the Mausoleum, all you have to do is go to the Cemetery, which is located near the location of the Nuns' Cemetery quest. The Mausoleum area contains a number of bosses who are impervious to lightning. Blood Raven will appear during Quest 2 of Act 1, and you will have the opportunity to fight him. The first level 85 area is at Hell level, which means you can farm some excellent items in this area.

    Pits are a type of pit that can be found in a lot of places.
    The Pit is located in the Tamoe Highlands. To get there, all you have to do is walk down the street from the Monastery. There is no single monster here, but rather a slew of simple monsters that drop valuable loot. In Hell mode, an area is upgraded to level 85, which results in a significant increase in loot.

    Catacombs are a type of underground passageway that connects to the surface of the earth.
    The Catacombs are located deep within the Monastery and can only be reached by completing the final mission of Act 1 of Diablo 2 Resurrected Items PS4: Resurrected. To bring this first section of the game to a close, you must confront and kill Andarielle. Due to this being one of the game's bosses, you will receive not only gold, but also magical, rare, and unique items.


    To gain access to the ancient tunnels, locate the underground trapdoor in the Forgotten City. Although there are no bosses in this area of the game, it is one of the few areas available at level 85 in Hell mode. As a result, you'll find more loot here than you will in any other part of Diablo 2.

    Worm's Lair
    To get to the Wyrm's Lair, you must go to the third level of the Distant Oasis. Coldworm the Gravedigger is the super-unique boss you'll encounter in this area. It does not present any particular difficulties because it remains motionless and content to command its horde of sand worms. You will come face to face with him during Quest 2 of Act 2, The Staff of Horadrim.

    Arcane Sanctuary is a place of refuge for arcane beings.
    You will gain access to the Arcane Sanctuary near the end of Act 2. Despite the fact that you will not find a unique or super unique boss to defeat in this area, the Sanctuary is known for being filled with monsters of all kinds. More than gold or items, these are runes, which you will find in abundance in this area of the game.

    THE BEST PLACES TO FARM IN ACT 3 Forgotten temple

    You can get to the Forgotten Temple from Kurast, which is the upper town. Because there are no bosses in this area, it appears to be completely uninteresting at first glance. However, similar to some areas in Act 1, the Forgotten Temple contains a level 85 area at level Hell that will reward you with a large amount of loot if you decide to take on the challenge.

    Abandoned Reliquary / Ruined Sanctuary
    These two locations are located on the Chausée de Kurast and present a situation that iSimilar to that of the Forgotten Temple. Once again, you will not find a boss there, but rather a new level 85 zone in Hell mode, which contains excellent loot.

    I despise prison.
    The Prison of Hate is accessed near the end of Act 3 of buy diablo 2 resurrected buy items. The Demon King Mephisto is your prey in this area. He is by far the most popular boss in the game, having been killed numerous times by players. It is particularly easy to kill for ranged attackers because it is accustomed to getting stuck in the corners of the map.

    A raging river of flames
    River of Fire is the penultimate area of Act 4 of diablo 2 resurrected items for sale: Resurrection. There are no specific bosses to defeat here, but you should expect to come across a large number of opponents who are capable of knocking you out. You can play this area at level 85 in Hell mode and earn a significant amount of loot, just like some of the levels above.

    The Shrine of Chaos is a place of worship dedicated to chaos.
    At the conclusion of this act, you will enter the Diablo world. However, there are no bosses to defeat before beginning the final act of the game. You will come across a large number of lambda enemies, all of whom are good sources of loot. However, these also return blow for blow, so it is advisable not to neglect your protective equipment in case something happens.


    The High Ice is one of the first zones you'll encounter in this final act of buy diablo 2 resurrected items: Resurrected. You will be dealing with Eldritch the Rectifier, who is located to the north of the waypoint. A second monster, Shenk the Overseer, can be found to the south, near the Bloody Hills. Because they are both one-of-a-kind timepieces, the drop they make is especially significant.


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