On the 28th of October you must complete the Marquee Matchups i

  • EA Sports announced earlier today that a new set of marquee matchups for FIFA 22 Ultimate Team would be released. It is possible to complete these matchups by selecting the Squad-Building Challenge (SBC) option from the main menu.

    MATCHUPS IN THE MARKEE (Matchups in the Marquee) are weekly challenges that are based on some of the most important matchups in real-world soccer. EA creates a SBC for each match, which players can complete to earn tradeable FUT packs in exchange for their efforts. SBCs are created for each match by EA. As inspiration for this week's games, we looked to the key matchups from the previous week. Four squads will be required to be completed by next Thursday, November 4, with Sparta Rotterdam vs. Feyenoord being one of them; Valencia vs. Villarreal CF being another; Bergamo Calcio vs. Latium being another; and Tottenham Hotspur vs. Manchester United being yet another.

    In addition to the usual minimum rating and chemistry requirements, each squad has its own set of requirements that must be met, such as requesting FIFA 21 coins for sale from a specific league or club. Additional bonuses include a different reward for each correct solution, with rewards ranging in size from a small prime mixed players pack to a large prime electrum FIFA 22 Coins Xbox One pack.

    In order to compete against Latium, Bergamo Calcio's squad must be 72-rated, have a minimum of 80 chemistry, and have at least four gold players on the roster. There are a number of other requirements, including a maximum of four players from the same league, at least five clubs, and two players from each of the two Atalanta teams. Those who complete it successfully will be awarded with an electrum players pack as a prize, which will be given to them.

    Each segment of the Marquee Matchups SBC has its own set of requirements and rewards, which you'll need to complete in order to complete the SBC. This section contains a list of all of the requirements and rewards associated with each segment of the Marquee Matchups SBC, which you'll need to complete in order to complete the SBC. In addition to the standard rewards, completing all four SBCs will earn you a premium gold players pack from Electronic Arts, among other things. Even if you construct every segment from the ground up, it is estimated that you will spend approximately 17,000 to 21,000 FUT coins in total for the cost of each segment's construction.