Characteristics of die casting and considerations for die life

  • When it comes to deciding which type of metal to use for your die casting project, the decision is entirely up to you. When aluminum is exposed to high temperatures, its strength and dimensional stability are not compromised, even when thin walls and complex shapes are used. In the following sections, we will go over some specific examples of how the importance of using high-quality aluminum die casting can be demonstrated in greater depth:

    While the NADCA specifications, which can be found on their website, should be used as a guideline rather than the final say when designing a die for aluminum die casting applications, they should not be taken as gospel truth. Make certain that you understand the proper considerations for aluminum die casting before you begin building a die for the first time. It is critical that you work with a tool builder who is knowledgeable about both aluminum die casting and the NADCA steel and heat treatment recommendations in order to obtain your die cast tooling for aluminum die casting.

    Even though it may be tempting to go with a builder who is less expensive but has less experience, or one who claims that their previous experience in another field will translate easily into aluminum die casting, doing so may ultimately end up costing you more money in the long run. Unable to produce will result in a temporary suspension of production as well as the requirement to purchase a new die, no matter what caused them.


    No matter how much money is spent up front on die casting equipment, it is critical that experienced die casters contribute their knowledge and expertise during the product design phase of the process. Additionally, the most appropriate drafts, as well as correct gate and ejector pin placement, will be ensured as a result of this, among other things. Most of the time, using a lower-cost die and a lower-quality tool will result in higher costs over the course of the die's lifetime, in addition to a shorter die's useful life being reduced.

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