The Undaunted Celebration is now live on Elder Scrolls Online

  • The Undaunted Celebration is now live on Elder Scrolls Online, attracting a large number of new and old players. Players can get extra rewards when clearing any four-person dungeon, such as some Elder Scrolls Online Gold.

    The Elder Scrolls Online Undaunted Celebration will last until November 30th at 10 a.m. Eastern Time. During the event, players who kill the ultimate boss of any dungeon will be rewarded with an Undaunted Reward Box, which contains various consumables, treasure maps, investigation reports, theme style pages, Undaunted Keys, and more. Players can also get an Undaunted Reward Box every day by completing Bolgrul’s daily Undaunted drilling missions.

    As with most special events before, The Undaunted Celebration will grant players the glorious Undaunted Reward Box when they defeat the dungeon leader for the first time each day. These provide players with an Opal weapon style page and some items in the standard Undaunted Reward Box. If the player deals with the dungeon in the veteran hard mode, they will have more chances to receive the Opal Monster Mask Style page related to the dungeon.

    Event tickets will be issued during the Undaunted Celebration. Players can get up to two event tickets every day by defeating the dungeon leader. The event has started now and will continue until November 30th. In addition, for those players who are not proficient in game operations, I strongly recommend that you choose IGGM to buy ESO Gold. This store is not only safe for transactions, but also cheap.