Do players prefer Elder Scrolls Online or Skyrim?

  • Skyrim has achieved great success, winning multiple awards and almost unanimous praise from critics and players. Now with the release of Elder Scrolls 6 still far away, some fans have returned to the previous Elder Scrolls game. Whether in terms of word of mouth or cultural influence, Skyrim is still the largest game in the series.

    Although Elder Scrolls Online has not received as much attention as Skyrim, it provides far more fun than it deserves. It has a surprising main plot of the MMO, with some interesting references to the rest of the series. In addition, although Skyrim has not had a new DLC for many years, Elder Scrolls Online is still receiving expansions, adding new content and fixing previously reported glitches.

    With the continuous development of the game, there will be more tasks and experience to start in a long period of time. The most daunting factor may be the financial cost of the new game, which is an understandable concern, especially when MMOs are known for their expensive hobbies. And players also need to collect as much ESO Gold as possible.

    In the end, the decision to enter Elder Scrolls Online is entirely in the hands of the player. Some people may be satisfied with the amount of content provided by Skyrimhe, while others may now be looking for new experiences. Either way, fans of Elder Scrolls have multiple options to keep them busy until the sixth major game is released. IGGM recently has a discount event, where players can buy Elder Scrolls Online Gold