Elder Scrolls Online's Deadlands DLC brings The Spaulder of Rui

  • The Deadlands DLC of Elder Scrolls Online brings players three new mythological items for players to discover and assemble. Like all items with this tag, players can only equip one item at a time. The shoulder-piece Spaulder of Ruin is one of these new items.

    As a light equipment, The Spaulder of Ruin is a powerful auxiliary equipment that sacrifices the damage output of the holder to further increase the DPS of teammates. Interestingly, it will be triggered when the player is crouching, so players should remember to un-equip them when taking a covert adventure in Elder Scrolls Online. Also need to pay attention to is that players try to collect as much Elder Scrolls Online Gold as possible when doing missions.

    The Spaulder of Ruin allows its holders to use the Aura of Pride, a 12-meter wide area that can provide up to 6 allies with 260 weapon and spell damage, while reducing the holder’s own weapon and spell damage 130. The Aura of Pride only exists when the player is crouching, which makes the caster less mobile and unable to cause as much damage as possible.

    Because of this effect, The Spaulder of Ruin provides huge rewards to teammates, while sacrificing the healer's own ability to move or increase damage numbers in battle. With good enough allies, these personal debuffs shouldn't be as important as the huge bounty that the team gets, but their effectiveness may depend on the entire team. In addition, IGGM is holding Thanksgiving Day activities, players can go there to buy ESO Gold.