Kena: Guide of Meditation Places of the Spirits Bridge

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    KENA: Bridge of spirits The magnificent new adventure title of Ember Lab is now available to play and there is a lot to find. In this game, you play like Kena, a spiritual guide, who seeks to find what is the cause of corruption that the earth shatters and to do that, you must explore, help people with their problems and find all kinds of collectible useful. the way. In this Kena: Bridge of the Spirits GUIDE OF PLACES OF MEDITATION We will review how to find all the places of meditation. At the moment, this is not a complete list, but it will be updated as we see more than the world of KENA .

    In this guide, the locations will be listed in the order in which the regions visit. If there is a prerequisite to find a rot, such as access to arrows, we will make sure to specify it. Meditation sites are unique because they are not listed on any map, you just need to trip over them or know where to find them.

    KENA: Bridge of the Spirits Guide of Meditation Places - Rusu Mountain

    After catching the bow and starting to descend the mountain, you will arrive at the first drawbridge that you can get off. Once you have crossed it, go to the right and there will be a platform for them to jump. Then he shoots the bright blue flower and you will be attracted to her, it is here where you will find the place of meditation. This is right next to the deformation point of the rear courtyard.

    KENA: Bridge of Spirits Guide of Meditation Places - Forgotten Forest

    Looking at the Sacred Tree Warp Point, head to the West until you reach a bridge that runs over shallow water. Walk upstream and you will see a glass that can shoot out of reach. Once you press it, two more platforms will appear that will allow you to continue. Find the meditation point just after here After arriving at the Lantern Cave area, go to the left and go up the cliff wall. Continue until you reach the place where you can plant a Forest Tear seed. Look up to find gems in the trees, start with the on and disprew it all. Plant the seed and break corruption to the left and you will find another point of meditation.

    This guide is still a job in progress, check again for more updates ...

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