Avowed (Xbox) will be the Skyrim of Obsidian; Reveal new detail

  • Avowed is one of the most ambitious RPGs of the exclusive portfolio of Xbox Game Studios for the present generation. Presented lGamet 2020, the new project of Obisidian Entertainment continues under development under maximum discretion, but Windows Central hGame accessed new details of the new Parents of Fallout: New VegGame and The Outer Worlds.

    According to the source and the material to which they have been able to access in a privileged way, Avowed will be a RPG video game with a deep narrative system and large doses of exploration. His perspective will be in the first person, very focused on action; with Elements of Pillars of Eternity and The Outer Worlds , if we make an approximation with two licenses of the company itself.

    First details of Avowed, an RPG with elements of The Outer Worlds and The Elder Scrolls

    While the material and documentation you have seen is located in pre-alpha , currently the title is clear its focus and its scale: If The Outer Wolds wGame the obsidian version of a Fallout style game, Avowed is without a doubt The obsidian version of The Elder Scrolls , describe. In addition, it will be a title much more colorful and visually reminiscent to The Outer Worlds - which bet on some very saturated tonalities.

    Avow will have different clGameses , each with a differentiated gameplay, under the world of Eora ; which is the same Game that of Pillars of Eternity. That sharing of universes will allow obsidian to take elements of that world, such Game Wyverns and dragons, spells, state effects or weapons, which will be recognizable by lovers of the Already Veteran license of the Californian study. On the other hand, stand out from the world of Eora de Avowed that there will be destructible environments and a combat system similar to the one we have seen in the Bethesda series, The Elder Scrolls .

    Medieval fantGamey of the hand of Obsidian Entertainment; Even without date

    In the absence of knowing the state of development of the game, apparently in preproduction, it is expected that we can see it again at one of the next great media appointments, such Game The Game Awards (December 2021) or at E3 2022 (June of 2022).

    Avowed will arrive exclusively for Xbox Series X | S and PC on a date to be determined.

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