Pokémon Masters - How to Restart

  • The enrolling is a common tactic for people playing games with geisha elements to take part in a lottery at the beginning of the game and try to get the best price possible. You play again and again at the lottery, then uninstall it normally if you do not get the desired item. This is a method to get the best possible item and, afterwards, the best possible start. You can do it in Meres Pokémon if you wish.


    Pokémon Masters — How to Restart

    The good news about Matters Pokémon is that the lottery element of the start of the game arrives about 15 minutes after the start of the game, and you do not even need to uninstall the game to restart and remove the data from the game. Instead, you can go to the Account tab in Settings, and then click Delete backup data. This will delete all the backup data of the game, and you will be able to start the story again.

    By playing the story, you will arrive at a part where you will show you how to search for synchronized pairs. This seems to be the point where most people have to decide if they want to restart the game or not, depending on their results. You can go anywhere up to a five-star Sync pair. It can be interesting to restart it if you get a three star sync pair. The probability of a five or four-star synchronized pair seems to be quite low, so keep that in mind.

    It is possible to obtain synchronized pairs like Olivia and Locarno, Brendan and Break, and Kris and Crocodile sync enlightenment, so if you have some, you will get lucky rollers.

    You can also consider playing until the end of Chapter 2, where you can get 600 GEMS to connect your Nintendo account to Pokémon. This will give you two other scouts of pairs of synchronization, and you will be able to wait until then to decide if you want to restart or not.

    So, to maximize your stimulus potential, you want to read the tutorial in the Scout Sync section. After that, get your gems from the gift box and use them in Sync Pair Scouts. Play up to Chapter 2 to get the extra gem, then use them in Sync Pair Scouts, and choose whether to restart or not.

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