Pokémon Go: Today the last RAID starts

  • Today, on 24 November 2021 Pokemon GO takes place the last time being Raid-hour Cecelia. We at Mango looked at which counter you should use to fight against legendary raid boss and tell you whether it is worth the short event.

    What is a raid hour? Every Wednesday will be held an hour-long raid event in Pokémon GO. In this you meet in almost all arenas legendary monsters in level 5 raids.

    This week you step, as last Wednesday, again against the raid boss Cecelia on. This will be the time being, however, to find the last time in the Raid-hour day.

    -hour raid Cecelia — Start and counter

    When does the Raid hour? As every week, starts the raid hour again today at 18:00 local time. You already recognize in advance, based on the dark eggs over the arenas where a Level 5 Raid will start. At 19:00 is it already over and the raids are less.

    The best counterattack against Cecelia

    Cecelia is a legendary monster and one of the Psycho-Pokémon. Because of its type, it is particularly weak against the attacks of the types spirit Sunlight and beetles. therefore, puts in the fight to these monsters (via pokebattler.com):

    Of course, you can rely developments Mega on your:

    Mega Gen gar with Dark claw and Spitball Mega-Houndoom with dressing and parasites Mega Ab sol with dressing and sinister aura

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    More counter can be found also in our counter-guide to Cecelia:

    worth Cecelia?

    Is there Cecelia as Shiny? Yes, Cecelia is to get with a little luck in his scintillating form. You realize it at the purple back, blue trim at the neck and head as well as the green and yellow tail.

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    So strong it is: Cecelia scored especially in defense. Thus, it plays a role, especially in the super and hyper league. In attack, however, it is likely somewhat weaker, so you'd better put in raids on other monsters.

    Who should use the Raid-hour today? It is interesting Cecelia especially for coaches who are still looking for a strong psychological Pokémon for PVP league. But Shiny-hunters come today at their expense.

    Anyone has one or the other Cecelia sweet needed was his chance also use today. The legendary monster will in fact be only until December 01 at 10:00 pm in the Level 5 Raids available.

    As of Friday, there will be four additional by the Hoop event Raid hours, at which, however, other legendary Pokémon master the Level-5-raids. What they are and what you can also take to this event, we looked for you.

    Take her tonight at the Raid-hour Cecelia part? Which counter will put her. Like to send us your views here on Mango in the comments.

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