Perfect floor lamp for your space


    Floor lamps are a great source to decorate or lighten your room. You can place them in the corners of your rooms or in places you need extra light without any difficulty. You don't possibly need any additional interior lighting to brighten your room; floor lamps do it all.


    If you are tired of looking for the perfect floor lamp for your house, EGLO offers a wide variety of exceptional floor lamps, from contemporary style lamps to vintage for your space. Enhance your home interior with complementing floor lamps by EGLO. 


    The best advantage is they are easily portable. You can shift the floor lamps from one place to another, wherever and whenever needed. 


    Ideal floor lamp for your space-

    Finding an ideal floor lamp complimenting your home decor is a task. So, identify the kind of floor lamp that would be a perfect fit for your space. A tiny floor lamp beside a large sofa or furniture looks numb. Therefore, choosing the ideal size and type is the ultimate task. 


    You can choose -



    If you are looking for basic lighting for your space, an uplighter is the ideal choice for you. It emits light towards the room ceiling. So, considering your room ceiling and the wall colour, the uplighter reflects the light and evenly distributes in the room. It's an all-rounder lamp. 


    Contemporary lamp:

    With zero installation and assembly issues, you simply need to place this premium contemporary floor lamp at the desired corner. It will focus light at a particular spot and emit enough to reach the other corners of the room. 


    Classic lamp:

    With customized classic designs, this floor lamp can give an element of cosiness to your space. Available in fabric shade with a straight frame on a sturdy base, the classic floor lamp by EGLO can be another fit for your space. 


    Suitable for all purposes- home, office, hotels, etc. EGLO floor lamps can make every corner of your room look radiant. From steel to wood, glass to marble, etc., you can get these floor lamps in variable materials. In addition, EGLO offers playful vintage lamps, robust industrial design, and tripod floor lamps which are usually rare and unmatchable. 


    Too much light or less light, none is worth investing. That's why EGLO offers just exactly what you need for your space. So, what are you waiting for? Find and grab the floor lamp that matches your house's personality right away!


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